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0&1 brothers

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Series 1

Abstract x-ray image of a human head with visible abstract brain


We are 0&1 brothers, and we are interested in the truth regarding human existence. Therefore, our friend M. Dax will expose our dialogues that debate information that can elucidate the dilemma: Creator or the biblical God? Since the publication in the classic way was subjected to strong censorship, we presented our dialogues in series with short chapters, with concentrated content, so the reader will not have much to read. The chapters in eBook format are cheaply monetized so that the reader's budget is not affected. Another advantage of this method is that the reader, after making contact with the first chapter, will be able to meditate on some logical conversations and, more than that, he will be able to decide for the future if he wants to continue reading the dialogues or not, the personal budget not being affected. Thus, he will not pay a consistent price for material that can bore him, being disillusioned with the content.

This is not a new or another religion!!!

It's just dialogues transposed into writing!

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